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Legal Malpractice Defense

Los Angeles Attorney Defends Lawyers Accused of Malpractice

California firm fights accusations of professional misconduct

An attorney undergoes a rigorous application process, background checks and examination to obtain a license to practice law in California. The intense scrutiny from the California Bar Association is intended to maintain the integrity and quality of legal practice in the state. Attorneys swear to support the Constitution, abide by the rules of professional conduct and take actions that are consistent with truth and justice. David Ostrove Attorney at Law has an unwavering commitment to the principled, dutiful practice of the legal profession. I expect the same firm dedication to ethical, competent legal practice from my peers. To uphold these high standards, I represent attorneys in all matters related to the licensure and practice of law.

Clients’ rights to effective, ethical representation

As an attorney, you have specific obligations to your clients. You are expected to:

  • Uphold the Constitution
  • Practice in accordance with the California Bar rules of professional conduct
  • Approach the court and judicial system with respect and honesty
  • Act in your best interest
  • Provide details about expenses and fees
  • Retain fiduciary and accounting obligations
  • Maintain confidential communications
  • Abide by contractual agreements

If a current or former client is accusing you of malpractice, I will represent you in litigation, negotiations and any dealings with the California Bar Association.

Defending California attorneys

If you are an attorney who finds yourself unfairly accused of violating your duties, I provide you with unyielding support. I apply my substantial knowledge of Bar and court rules and procedures to:

  • Defend you at Bar grievance hearings
  • Represent you in lawsuits and judicial hearings
  • Represent you in ineffective assistance of counsel hearings
  • Assist you with licensure issues
  • Process your application for reinstatement of your license after suspension

Contact a California attorney focused on upholding the ethics of the legal profession

David Ostrove Attorney at Law is located in Los Angeles and represents clients throughout California. Call me at 323-302-9039 or contact me online to schedule your consultations.

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